White Hart Vueltas

Breathing synchronised to the rhythm of the pedals. Wind whistling past the ears. Eyes searching for lurking potholes and treacherous drain covers. Fingers flicking their way through the gears, as the road rises up another Hampshire hillside.  Legs maintaining a constant cadence. Body still, ready to shift weight. The soft mechanical hum of the chain as it slides through the derailleur. A clear shout from the front of the peloton warning of an oncoming car.  The thrill of a swift descent.

This is road cycling.

We are the White Hart Vueltas.

The club consists of a group of cyclists of all standards, with membership growing from a dozen originals in 2013 to 70+ cyclists today.  Our “club house” is in the White Hart, whose landlords have always been enthusiastic supporters. The name “Vueltas” comes from the Vuelta a España, the Spanish equivalent of the Tour de France.

We have no fees, no rules and no elitism. Our shared enjoyment of cycling unites us and we encourage and celebrate the achievements of all our members – whether it is a new arrival cycling their first 25km Friday evening “TT”, or having not one but two cyclists (Charlie and Tim) compete for GB at the Amateur World Championships Road Race.

We love our bikes!  From entry-level machines, to top-of-the-range models worthy of professional cyclists (and not forgetting an occasional tandem), there’s a huge variety on show, all of which provide no shortage of subject matter for discussion and friendly banter.


White Hart Pub, London Road, Holybourne, GU34 4EY