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The next HVA meeting is on 9th May 2023 at 8:00pm in the village hall.

The HVA agenda will soon be shown below : –

Holybourne Village Association
Founded 1974

9th May 2023 @ 20:00 Village Hall


  1. Opening of Meeting and Apologies for Absence
  1. Minutes of Last Meeting
    Matters Arising
  1. Members Open Forum
    This forum is for any Holybourne resident who is not on the HVA committee to raise any issues related to the village (NB These maybe time limited by the Chairman
  1. Current Issues, Events and Projects
    Coronation Picnic: – feedback.
    HVA Finances
  1. Planning Issues
    Any New Applications
    Issues arising
  1. Village Communications
    Any issues with Website/Magazine/Social Media/Church
  1. Committee Reports or ‘Views’
    Friends of the Pond
    Flood Action Group
  1. Any Other Business

Community Grant Projects

Date of next meeting


The HVA is funded almost solely by the income it derives from advertising in the village magazine. Under the incredible drive of Kay Tomlinson over many years we have managed to fund all sorts of things from our income. Unfortunately and understandably, many of our regular advertisers have decided to withdraw their support in favour of simply staying alive!  The consequences for this are absolutely dire for the HVA. We would no longer be able to fund the magazine or village events like the upcoming Coronation Fete or the annual Fireworks. The committee could not even fund the hire of the village hall for our meetings.
There is a long term need to consider our situation and it might be perhaps, that the magazine goes exclusively online, or is only available for purchase. I would ask anyone who might like to advertise in the magazine to contact our wonderful Advertising Manager Kay Anderson Ball and she can let you know the details. She is available through this Facebook group.

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Chairperson – Jerry Janes

Secretary – Andy Muir




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Village Website

Village Archive

Village Magazine

A message from the HVA Chairman


The Holybourne Village Association (HVA) was established in 1974 to fulfil the role of a Parish Council, and represent the views of the village in areas such as planning or matters of public interest, as well as organising social events and raising money for local charities or projects.

The HVA is an official ‘consultee’ in the planning processes of the District and County Councils, and regularly responds to planning applications that could affect the whole village. Members have often been part of long-term Local Government planning committees.

The HVA also works with many other village organisations such as the Church PCC, the Women’s Institute and the Village Hall committee.

Although all the committee members are volunteers, we take our role seriously as a seemly small ‘parish pump’, issues do matter to people in a close community like Holybourne. Any Holybourne resident is automatically a member of the HVA and free to attend the monthly meetings at the Village Hall (second Tuesday in every month, at 8pm). Any resident can stand for election to the committee, which takes place in October at the Annual General Meeting. Voting is by those residents attending the meeting.

We are always looking for new committee members and the amount of time you need to commit is entirely up to you, so come and get involved!