11th September

HVA Minutes for July

These have now been published on the website.

2nd September

Holybourne Village Association Meeting

The next HVA meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th September, via Zoom.  If you would like to join this meeting, please contact Kate Carmichael at secretary@holybourne.com and she will send you a Zoom invite.

19th August

Holybourne Magazine

Why not read the latest issue on-line?  Click on the link at the top of the page and read on your tablet or phone.


13th August

Holy Rood Church news

Great news!  The Church of the Holy Rood, Holybourne, will be open for 9.30am non Communion services on Sundays 16, 23 and 30 August.  We have to adhere to guidance regarding sanitisation, face masks, no singing, limited numbers, social distancing and so on, and you do have to book so please email potr.alton@btinternet.com with your contact details (for track and trace) including the number of people in your party or call Rev Gordon on 01420 549567 if you would like to join us.  It would be great to worship with you.  In addition, services continue to be available online via our website https://www.potr-alton.co.uk/

10th August


Yoga classes with Sue will resume in September, on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Look at the Events Calendar to find out more.

10th August

Mill Cottage Farm Walk

Why not take a walk past the farm?  This week the trail is “Optical Illusions”. There are 9 to find……. 🙂

16th July

HVA – June Minutes

These are now available to read in the Holybourne Village Association section

25th June

Planning application for Veolia Incinerator

The planning application for the Veolia incinerator has now been submitted.  It can be viewed at


11th June

Ideas for improving the play area in Holybourne

Alton Town Council are looking to improve the play area in Holybourne next year.  If you have any ideas on how it can be improved, please e mail Kate Carmichael – secretary@holybourne.com.  Any ideas will be put forward to our local Councillors.

11th June

Changes to household waste recycling centre

From 15 June, all HWRCs will revert to their normal summer opening hours of 9am until 6pm, seven days a week. Anyone wishing to visit a site will need to book a slot in advance. People will be able to book a 30-minute slot up to 48 hours in advance. Bookings can be made online at: www.hants.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling

Telephone bookings, for those without access to the online system, can be made by calling 023 8017 9949.

Anyone wishing to book a slot will need to provide their name, car registration and, for online bookings, an email address. Bookings will be limited to one slot per household per week. More information about using the HWRCs is available online.

6th June 2020

Articles wanted for magazine

The deadline for submissions for the HVA village magazine is the 26th of June. I’d love to include articles and photos which reveal how people in the village have spent the lock down so far. Please, even if you have never written anything since leaving school, have a go at describing what you have been up to  with your family or alone. How have you kept boredom at bay or have you been able to continue to work as normal either at your place of work or at home? What have been the challenges and the successes? What have you learned to do in the time you might have had. What will you keep doing once it is all over?
It needn’t be a huge essay. A hundred words or less would be good, just a snippet of life. Tell your story and let it be recorded for posterity. Go on. Have a go!  Submissions to me, jerrymjj@outlook.com or 81, London Road.

25th May 2020

Message from Stuart Sharpe – member of the GB Disabilities Trampoline Squad

While some schools have been able to source supplies of hand sanitiser to help protect staff from Covid-19, some have been left with very little or no sanitiser at all.

I have been involved with primary schools over the previous couple of years as a trampoline coach, running a weekly session for primary school children at a secondary school in Alton, as part of an initiative to allow children to experience different sports. I am a member of the GB Disabilities Trampoline Squad, a former three times British disabilities cat 1 champion, as well as a volunteer trampoline coach for Alton Trampoline Club.

As I am currently furloughed from Bottega dei Sapori (Maggie and Tizzy’s), I thought I would use my time to raise funds for local nursery and primary schools to purchase some much needed hand sanitiser.

Following initial discussions, local distilleries have agreed to produce the much needed hand sanitiser. Now, I need help to raise the funds to pay for it. Hand sanitiser is essential to protect teachers/key workers in schools in order that they can care for the children.

The target set should allow the purchase a good quantity of two different sizes, 250ml and 30ml for use in the schools. All donations will go towards the purchase of hand sanitiser.


15th May 2020

Holybourne Heroes?

At this time when we are acutely aware of the debt of gratitude we owe to everyone who has kept society going while many of us have been staying at home, I’d be grateful to learn of those from the village who really have been working in the front line, in hospitals looking after patients with the virus. Their courage and our debt to them are immeasurable and I’d like to record their names for the village magazine and would also like to suggest that thought is given to some sort of permanent memorial. The war they are fighting is no less threatening or frightening than soldiers faced in the world wars and we do our best to remember them. What do others think? Please contact Jerry at  jerrymjj@outlook.com

16th April 2020

Message from Jerry Janes – editor of the Holybourne Magazine

I am the editor of the village magazine. At the moment very little is happening that would normally form reports for the magazine. There are however many many things going on that I don’t know about. If you are involved with or know of something that might merit an article in the magazine, please let me know and I’d welcome news of what is going on in the village. You might like to write and let me know how you are spending your days if you’re locked in or what the world is like on the outside if you are not. I’m going to have a hard time putting the magazine together if I don’t get contributions so if you have something to offer please don’t be shy about sending it to me. My email address is jerrymjj@outlook.com

24th April 2020

Social Distancing Street Party

May Day bank holiday has been changed to Friday the 8th May to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  Let’s celebrate with a social distancing street party – a picnic in our front gardens.  I have put a poster advertising this in the calendar and put the date in the diary!  Tell as many of your friends as possible.  Time – midday onwards.

15th April 2020

Message from Holyrood Church

Although we have had to lock the church, people ARE most welcome to wander through the churchyard to enjoy the space, take time for reflection and perhaps visit graves.  There has been some discussion on social media to the contrary so we would like to make it clear that the churchyard IS open and everyone is welcome so long as they adhere to social distancing rules and so on.  Notices have been put up to say this.

26th March 2020

Please click on the link for information on bin collections 

15th March 2020

Weekday activities at the church (Teddies, Coffee Mornings and Lent Lunches) are ‘suspended’ for the time being owing to recommendations from the Church of England regarding coronavirus. However, Sunday 9.30am services will take place as usual (with various restrictions in place) as will the weekly prayer meetings on Tuesdays from 11.45am to noon. All welcome.

March 2020

Coronavirus Community Response

Please click on this link to take you to the page.

17th February 2020

If taking waste to the household waste recycling centres after April, cars need to be registered with www.hants.gov.uk/vehicle-registration-hwrc.  Up to 3 vehicles per household can be registered.

29th January 2020

Howards Lane will be shut to traffic until 8th February.