Alton Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan meetings in the Town Hall are over. Our Holybourne rep on the planning team is Paul Fitzgibbon and he will welcome all comments during the development of the Plan. You can send them by email to the planning link from this website.

The map above is derived from the East Hants “interactive planning map” which anyone can access from EHDC website planning area. (Type in browser – to get to it.

From JJ Chair HVA

Many thanks indeed to everyone from Holybourne who attended the presentation of the neighbourhood plan.
I understand a far greater proportion of the village went than attended from the town so I’m extremely grateful to you all for the effort you made. We just have to hope that the comments we offered are considered carefully.
I’m also very grateful indeed to Paul Fitzgibbon for all the time he continues to give on our behalf.

For what it’s worth, my own feeling is that the village could sustain very little more development that empties onto London Road.

If this was proposed by the developers I do not believe they would ever get consent for large-scale development. If you want to know what Holybourne was like in the Pre bypass days try talking to David Andrews or some of the elder statesmen and women in the village who lived there at the time. I am told it was quicker to go up Brockham Hill and down the old Odiham Road into Alton than try and queue through the village.

There is a significant amount of land being considered in Holybourne. You can see it on the map – the purple areas are those available for development and being considered.

JJ Chair HVA

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