Children’s TV favourite Basil Brush delights students and staff of Treloar’s

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On Thursday 30 January, students and staff of Treloar’s in Alton, Hampshire, were treated to a visit by Basil Brush who came to tour the School and College and find out about the work of Treloar Trust.

The tour began by meeting members of staff, taking plenty of selfies along the way before a rousing sing-a-long with school students in the Tech Hub.

Basil also visited a number of classrooms across the School and College to meet and speak to students, who were keen to stroke his furry tail and plenty of hugs were had, too.

The students at Treloar’s have complex physical disabilities, so meeting the celebrity fox was a great opportunity for them to use their communication skills to answer Basil’s questions about their experiences.

Basil Brush said of the visit:

“What a fantastic day I had seeing the amazing things Treloar’s are doing for their students. I had huge fun joining in with the classes, chatting and singing, so much so I had to have forty winks in the sensory classroom – ha ha!

Seeing the incredible technology that young people use to communicate was fantastic…after my day there the words inspiring and humbling come to mind with the sheer dedication of the staff.

It was a booming pleasure to be invited to witness close up what is possible and making what seems impossible achievable and creating happiness. I have never seen so many smiles! It brought a tear to my eye, but also hope in my heart. Well done to all students, teachers and carers. Boom! Boom!”

Martin Ingram, Principal of the School and College said:

“We were delighted to have such a unique celebrity visitor to our School and College.

Everyone had a great time meeting Basil Brush, and we look forward to further visits in the future.”